Untattoo Parlor has got you covered

That tattoo you got ten years ago. You know the one. Perhaps it’s that galactic fairy? The well intended hanya mask which bares a striking resemblance to William Dafoe as the Green Goblin? Or maybe it’s the nuclear green mushroom cloud that looks a whole lot like a dick. Whatever your past tattoo indiscretions may be– we know some exceptional folks who have set a new standard for laser tattoo removal in Portland

The Untattoo Parlor‘s founders, Dr. Garrett Vangelisti and Jennifer Mkel, are as good as they come. They’re true professionals who just so happen to be the nicest damn people you’ll ever meet. Oh, and did you catch Garrett’s title? Yes, he’s a real doctor. Unlike some of the other places around Portland offering laser tattoo removal, The Untattoo Parlor has real deal medical professionals at the helm– not just “certified laser technicians”.  Just one of the many reasons to give them a visit.

We’ve been sending our friends and clients in need of tattoo lightening or removal to Garrett and Jenni for more than a year now. A few of us have even gone and seen them ourselves (because even tattooers get crappy tattoos from time to time). Wielding a Cutera Enlighten laser, which has been shown to lighten tattoos in half the time of older technology,  The Untattoo Parlor has demonstrated incredible results in less time. But does it hurt? Not at the Untattoo Parlor. As medical professionals, Garrett and company are able to offer local anesthetic for a pain-free procedure. Want your next coverup to look less like a coverup? Stop by the shop and chat with us before you go see the Untattoo Parlor,  and we’ll be able to let them know which areas to focus on lightening up.

Take a look at what the Untattoo Parlor can do, and then give them a call to chat about making that stupid belly rocker nothing more than distant memory.

Only one treatment Two treatments on the lettering only Four treatments and gone Only two treatments Before and after

After two treatments
After two treatments

After one treatment