East meets (Pacific N.) West!

  Jason Kundell (& family!) reunited with Joey Armstrong (& family!) during the Armstrongs’ brief but fruitful visit to Portland. Joey & Shelley were able to step away from their new shop “Thunderhand Tattoo” (located in the Tri-City area of Washington State).

Both families awoke early & joined forces in conquering numerous dim sum dishes at Portland’s famed HK Cafe.

Despite both Joey & Jason’s filthy eating habits, they avoided the typical offer from staff to provide bibs (at no extra charge). Most notably though, none of the Armstrong or Kundell children received chopstick injuries (to eyes, nose or otherwise) during this hour-long feast.

Fun was had & (as far as we know) we are welcome back to the HK Cafe again. 

   Tattoo by Joey Armstrong, Thunderhand Tattoo. 

 Tattoo by Jason Kundell, Art Work Rebels.