Viva Las Vegas!!!

This week my dad and I went on an epic adventure to Las Vegas.  It was so magical and filled with fun little adventures.  For instance, we went to the old downtown at Fremont.  It was crazy awesome because we saw an adult wearing a baby mask and dancing (it kind of reminded me of my little sister!).  We stayed at the Excalibur castle-themed hotel, it looked like Disneyland in France.  It was so fantastic and had lots of mouthwatering restaurants- I would definitely recommend this hotel.  One of our favorite things we did was going to a magic show, but this wasn’t just any magic show.  It was so funny and by the end I was amazed!  This magician was called Matt Franco.  I can’t tell you what tricks he pulled out of his sleeves, so you’ll just have to see it yourself.

This was a wonderful vacation and I would definitely recommend going to Las Vegas.  Even though there is a lot of gambling it is very fun for children.  Hopefully I’ve persuaded you to go.

– Lula Kundell