Toro Bravo!

On Wednesday Art Work Rebels Tattoo decided we would go out for the evening to celebrate the holidays and a very successful first year.  Having briefly met the owner of Toro Bravo earlier in the week, along with the endless recommendations about his restaurant, it seemed like the obvious choice.  Little did we know just how amazing the meal ahead was about to be.

The food at Toro Bravo is somewhat hard to describe. It is small plate meets tapas, with basque influences and nortwest fresh ingredients.  We started out with a charcuteria board with chorizo & manchego, sherry chicken liver mousse, smoked pork rillettes, and duck liver mousse terrine. Then a few anchovy tapas that weren’t on the menu, followed by the singing pig greens, which is a salad with grapefruit, almonds, red onion and blue cheese.

Amazingly that was just the beginning. What came next was a blur of perfectly cooked and seasoned items that were increasingly impressive as the evening progressed.  This is what we can remember:  salt cod fritters with aioli; harira ( a moroccan lamb and lentil stew); hand cut noodles with pimenton dulce& manchego; glazed carrots; sauteed spinach with pine nuts and raisins; squash dumplings with pepper braised lamb; paella toro with chicken, shrimp, clams and mussels; fideos with boar sausage & dungeness crab; and to top it off