The Newness

With the new year around the corner, it’s time to begin unveiling some projects finished up this year, as well as what’s to come in other facets of media from the shop. So, there’s a chance if you’re reading this blog post, that you saw The Boss, Jason Kundell, is deleting his Instagram account. We will be making a genuine effort to put up more blog posts with recent work from everyone, including Jason, right here on the website. The shop’s Instagram account (@artworkrebelstattoo) will remain active and occasionally feature posts of Jason’s work, but ultimately the best thing you can do to see Jason’s work is come into the shop, as we have physical portfolios full of Jason’s work and will be putting a new one in the lobby come the new year. Lastly, the new year will also bring brand new portfolios to the website from everyone.

Alas, here are some photos of two recently finished sleeves by Jason Kundell.



IMG_0619 2