On a last-minute escape to sunny San Diego, Jason & his patient wife Erin took a short reprieve from Portland’s February funk. As Jason gets moody & sensitive when his vitamin D runs low… they both were in search of some much needed sun. After much meditation & interpreting his daily horoscopes, Jason chose San Diego as their destination.

   With a mere 2 days to explore, they were pressed for time, yet determined to fulfill their vision quest. Jason called on his trusty spirit animal (the Himalayan wombat) to guide them towards the deeper meaning of their trip. They ended up at the San Diego Zoo.

   Within the first few minutes of entering the zoo, Jason & Erin wandered onto the best vision they could hope for: the seductive/grunty/rapey mating rituals of the giant Galapagos tortoises. Upon watching the male tortoise drool green slime directly into his lovers mouth, all the while thrusting until his heart’s content… they both knew the universe had guided them to the right place.