Sleepless in Seattle 

Josiah Laughlin was in Seattle for the weekend working with the talented and virile crew at Liberty Tattoo. They a real deal street shop and there’s never a dull moment working there. 

After coming to Seattle for the last few years to work Josiah has also found some great spots to pursue his other interests including Jiu Jitsu and Mysore Yoga. 

Larry King owner/head coach at Praxis Jiu Jitsu is a great teacher and is always welcoming when Josiah comes to visit and train. If you’re in the Seattle area definitely come by and hit the mats and test your guard against some great pressure passing. 

Troy Lucero is the owner/teacher of The Acme Yoga Project. He offers both Mysore styled as wells as vinyasa classes. He has a unique and refreshing approach to the Ashtanga practice and it’s always fun to switch thing up a bit. His Saturday morning lead class is no joke so come prepared to sweat. 

Finally the must have for at least one meal is Annapurna. Northern Indian and Nepali dishes are sublime and with meat/veggie/vegan options it’s easy for everyone to enjoy. Spinach momos are a must.