Ross Carlson

It’s well known that Jason Kundell is world renown for his Japanese inspired tattooing, but Jason couldn’t have been any happier when he added Ross Carlson to the roster here at Art Work Rebels in Portland to get another tattooer that does Japanese work. This addition provides Jason with a little breathing room, & the people of Portland with another great tattooer. Ross has been tattooing for nearly a decade in Portland (he’s even a native!), & has gained world wide recognition in the tattoo community, but until coming to Art Work Rebels was a bit hard to find. He’s here now & we’re keeping him! Here’s some of the Asian inspired work he’s done recently. Ross also loves to do custom American Traditional Tattoos & is always open to hearing your next tattoo idea.

Tiger/Cherry Blossoms & Chinese Dragon/Dagger/Butterflies both in progress.