Neighborhood Shout Outs

We’re very lucky to be in the neighborhood we are, as we’re surrounded by lots of fun and delicious spots (it’s fair to suspect Jason picked the location with food in mind). Chop is our go to spot for amazing meats & sandwiches, and we strongly suggest their pastrami or porchetta if you’re craving a tasty snack. They recently opened a second location inside the Hub Building on North Williams, and we fully support their delicious expansion.

Another one of the favorite local spots, as well as provider of awesome regulars, is Nemesis Jiu Jitsu. Eric & all the guys at the gym are great dudes, and many of them get tattooed regularly by Jason & the crew. They just moved their gym down to NW 16th Ave, so go check out their new spot.

The hours at the shop can be long, and a few of us need a little pep put back in our step throughout the day, but luckily we have Sterling Coffee right down the street. Seriously some of the best coffee in Portland, and the people there can always be counted on for a good conversation.

That is all. Check these places out!