Lucky S.O.B. 

It’s certainly been a crazy couple of months since our shop exploded all over NW 23rd. There’s been a lot to process: putting things in perspective, grieving material and emotional losses, letting go, being thankful for the lack of injuries, dealing with the weight of “what ifs” and what could have been, being overwhelmed by the support of our community, being away from our tattoo home and family, and finally, finding a way to move on. 

It’s hard to explain the way your emotions sway from day-to-day as you go from pitying yourself, to realizing how lucky you are. It’s been amazing to get to work at different shops with so many amazing tattooers around the Portland. I never felt any less than completely welcome everywhere I found myself-Atlas, Oddball, Historic and Blacklist. And all of my clients new and old who came out and met me wherever I was to get great tattoos and help keep me making a living. 

I continue to be astounded by the vision, drive, and relentlessness of Art Work Rebels owner and our big boss man Jason Kundell who has tirelessly worked to find and build us a new home starting from that unbelievable day one.

And now the new shop is approaching completion. I’m so excited to make the new place home and be there with Joe and Ross and Josiah and Gordon and Jason and Jenn and Chaise and Dylan. I got a tour of the new space-in-progress and I really think it’s going to blow people’s minds when they walk in the front door. 

I hope to see you there soon. 

And, Thank You. 

-Jeff P.