Today Chinese New Year is a family friendly holiday. People celebrate this holiday by feasting on yummy foods like spring rolls to symbolize money and wealth because they look like gold bars.They eat long noodles to symbolize long life, and they eat shrimp to symbolize happiness for the new year to come because shrimp and smile sound almost the same in Chinese.

About 3,000 years ago legend tells there was a big scary monster named Nein, he would come on the new moon and scare all the towns people away and even animals!! One day a wise old man came up to these townspeople and said “hello i know Neins worst fears and they are they color red, loud noises, and fire.He wished them  good luck. The next year on the new moon the town was prepared for Nein so when the big scary monster came they started banging drums, shooting fireworks, and they all wore red. Nein saw all of them and ran off scared because he heard the bang bang of the drums, the fireworks , and all the bright red. Then they never saw that awful monster again. 


  One day the master Jade emperor held up a race with 13 animals he told the animals only 12 of them would represent a year. So when the animals started the race the rat was ahead and the ox was 2nd place, but they came across a river and the rat couldn’t swim so the ox offered him a ride on his back. The rat hopped on and so did the cat!! The rat really wanted to be first place so rat pushes cat in the water and jumped of ox’s back and came first then came the ox 2nd, than tiger came and didn’t pick up the cat, after that came the rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and lastly came the pig. Sadly the cat didn’t make it. That’s why the cat and rat are enemies. What’s your Chinese Zodiac??