Dog Blog

It’s almost a sure bet that anytime we’re at the shop at least one of us has our dog with us. Starting from the left.. We have Joe’s dog- Lily. She’s a Hairless Chinese Crested who is always looking fashionable in her sweaters. Lily likes playing with her homie Samson and sitting on laps. Next we have the queen bee of AWR; Jason’s dog Eleanor. This little lady is a Black Labrador that enjoys running alongside Jason’s bike, playing dress up with Lula, & being the center of attention here at the shop. Last, but certainly not least, we have Lily’s good friend Samson the Havanese. He’s the lone guy dog at the shop, so he enjoys Thursdays where you can spot him and Lily partying it up in the drawing area. As said earlier, pretty much anytime we’re here there is a furry friend in the back that wants your attention, so stop on by.