Escape From Ny Pizza NW 23rd Ave

Escape From New York Pizza on NW 23rd Ave is one of those places you love to have near by. Just a good old fashion slice of pizza at a good price. Escape From NY is located between Hoyt and Irving on NW 23rd Ave.

Another Great Place On NW 23rd Ave. (23 Hoyt)

This is a good restaurant with a a great happy hour located right across from Art Work Rebels on NW 23rd and Hoyt. A nice environment paired with a a friendly and surprisingly hip staff. It is absolutely good place to grab a bite on NW 23rd Ave.

Burger, fries and beer $8.

Another AWR Visitor!

Peanut and the guys from the band First Blood made a stop in Portland and swung by Art Work Rebels to say hi. Grabbed a quick photo of an older sleeve. Now nice and healed. (More photo’s of the arm coming soon) The guys played a show not to far from NW 23rd Ave.

Sleeve By Jason Kundell

A New Addition To The AWR Crew

White lightning is the latest and greatest addition to the team. Even an escape artist of the best kind needs a home and she has found a new one here among the rest of us.

Recently acquired and named by Lula Kundell. Age 3.

Third Thurdays At AWR!

This week is the start of third thursday. Come in. We have a new wall full of Portland themed flash for only $150!

Art Work Rebels

NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR 97210


NW 23rd Ave Is On fire!

Where there is smoke. there is fire! and when someone leaves a motorcycle in the back of their van there is trouble on NW 23rd Ave. Just another day at Art Work Rebels, a little tattooing, the nice Portland weather and a flaming VW bus… watch out this neighborhood is hot stuff.

I’ve Got Big Balls!

Some balls are held for charity

And some for fancy dress

But when they’re held for pleasure,

They’re the balls that I like best.

And my balls are always bouncing,

To the left and to the right.

It’s my belief that my big balls should be held

every night.

Doug Mendoza from Bonafide Tattoo stopped by for a pair of big balls.

A Weekend of Booze, Tattoo’s and Debauchery.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a female to be had. Just the way the ladies back home like it. We packed up and headed for Eugene for the weekend and was meet with a few warm days, A busy tattoo show and a hotel with a hot tub. Saw a few old friends, eat way to many hot dogs and had ourselves a damn good time.

-”It was the dogs bullocks”- quote our friend and guest English Dom

Today’s Stuff

Just putting the final touches on the new hand painted sign.

Third Thursdays are on the horizon some more painting at the shop.