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Shawn Barber Back For A Visit.

Our good buddy Shawn is back at Art Work Rebels for the week painting, Tattooing & some all around trouble.

All works by Shawn Barber.

Art Work Rebels Tattoo.

A few pictures of the critters here at Art Work Rebels.

Jason’s In SF.

Jason will be in SF this week. He will be working at Seventh son’s new location on Langton. Jason will be there the 10th through the 15th.

Art Work Rebels Tattoo on the 23rd.

On the 23rd of every month we will be offering hand drawn Portland themed designs for a great price. We have compiled a wide variety of designs to choose from, all designs just $150. It is first come. First serve, so get in early.

Art Work Rebels Tattoo.

A few new projects by Jason Kundell.

Art Work Rebels Tattoo Portland.

These are a few new photo’s of some more current work by Papa stash.

Tattoo’s by Jason Kundell.

Chop For Thanksgiving.

Looking for a great place to get a turkey this year. I couldn’t recommend a better place or a better bird. Chop as usual is not only a neighborhood great but a personal favorite at Art Work Rebels.

735 Northwest 21st Avenue
Portland, OR 97209-1304
(503) 221-3012

Art Work Rebels Tattoo.

Art Work Rebels Tattoo is now open 7 days a week. Our business hours are Monday through Friday. 11am to 9pm, Saturday. 11am to 10pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. Walk In’s are always welcome.

Ping Downtown Portland.

Ping is amazing and located in Chinatown in NW Portland. One of the favorites is a bacon wrapped quail egg, although everything was incredible, well prepared and pretty creative. Great choice if your looking.

102 Northwest 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 229-7464