Some New Stuff

We’ve been especially busy as of late, so will start this post off with an apology for the lack of regular posting, but anyway.. here’s some new shit. Ross did this tiger head on his good client Jay’s kneecap earlier today. We did not provide ice for the swelling that will surely occur, and Ross apologizes for the shitty picture. In Jeff P related news, the massive Cobra & Skull painting he did a while back is now available in print form on Tattoo Elite. This print is huge.. 50″x18″ for only $180. Get Some! Also, Joe has been killing it as usual with the Polynesian work. He started this leg on our excellent client Doc Adam this last week. 2013 has been amazing to us so far this year, and we’d like to sincerely thank all of our long time clients as well as the new ones!

Tiger Head by Ross Carlson
Cobra painting by Jeff P
Polynesian by Joe Larralde