Greeting and Salutations!

Hey y’all.  Hope the New Year has been treating you guys well.

Our first month in the new shop has been great.  We’ve had lots of friends coming through and guesting with us, which has made the transition into the new space sweet.  Our guest list has been extensive, including the talents of Jeff Croci (Seventh Son Tattoo), Shawn Barber (Memoir Tattoo), Sean Perkinson and Carolyn LeBourgeois (FTW Tattoo Parlor), Mark Galloway (Windhorse Tattoo), Chelsea Rhea (Amulet Tattoos) and J.J. Dunbar (H.B. Tattoo).  These guys have graced the walls of the new shop with some great art, at the center of which is a seriously beautiful painting of the old shop by Shawn Barber– thank you again Shawn, we couldn’t love it more.  Here are some images of the pieces our guests worked during their time at AWR:

Monster sleeve by Jeff Croci
Namakubi by Sean P
Radish by Carolyn LeBourgeois
Lady face by Chelsea Rhea

We’ve got plenty more talent lined up for coming months, so keep an eye out for updates.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been trying our hand at writing haikus for you guys.  With that I’ll leave you with this sweet sentiment written by bossman, Jason Kundell:

Our talented guests

Three states, seven tattooers

Good times and great friends


Hope to see you all soon.