Babies of AWR

The tattoo shop has been lucky enough to get visits from a few special shop babies this month.

Our first baby to visit the new shop was Bernadette.  Daddy Jason Kundell claims that what baby Bernie lacks in sleep, she makes up for in charm.  Bernie is tough as nails and only cries when someone insults her fashion sense.  By bedtime each night, Bernadette typically ends up with fistfuls of hair from some of her favorite people.  It’s tough to say “no” to such a cute baby.

The next baby to visit the shop was baby Ross.  He patiently ate fruit snacks while getting tattooed.  Ross only cried when he thought the tattoo was complete, only to find out that Jason had simply transferred the stencil.  Ross went home to take a nap, but not before Jason rocked him and sang a sweet lullaby.

Our last baby to visit the shop was little Josiah.  He made sure everyone noticed his new “big boy pants” as soon as he arrived.  Little Josiah seemed pretty tough at first, but as soon as Jason bumped the table and spilled the baby’s sippy cup, he threw a tantrum.

Not all babies are made equally cute or good-tempered, but they all have value at AWR