A race to the bottom. 

Hey there blog readers and tattoo enthusiasts!

It’s a beautiful day in Portland and the weekend is almost here for a lot of hard working people. It’s also Friday the 13th! A great movie franchise from the ’80s and now a tattoo holiday in the eyes of many. 

Years ago someone decided that making small $13 tattoos with a $7 “lucky” tip was the thing to do. Ever since then, the idea has spread like a wildfire, reaching all over the world. You’ll see lots of shops advertising giant Friday the 13th parties and specials.

We however do not participate and here is why. 

1. Tattooing people just so you can lose money in the process. This is simply bad economics and no other business would follow this model. The average cost of a tattoo setup is around $20, so at the bare minimum it’s a wash. This doesn’t include paying counter help, electricity, or the costs of running a small business. 

2. We’re a small business, not a giant company. Sales and discounts can be applied to mass produced products bought in bulk. Tattooing doesn’t fit that category at all. 

3. You attract customers who solely get tattooed when there is a deal and not repeat or loyal clientele. 

4. It cheapens what we do as craftsman. 

On a lighter note, please enjoy this photo the internet so graciously gave us.