Art Work Rebels…

This week is our second third thursday. The third thursday of every month we are having a Portland themed special. We have designated a wall in our lobby for all hand painted design, all Portland inspired, all a great price. It is first come, first serve. So do your best to make it down.

Next third thursday June 17th.

Saturday PSU market

Saturday PSU market which is held on the South Park Blocks at Portland State University. Is The best possible way to spend your saturday morning. From vendors who offer some of the area’s freshest and most amazing produce to some our personal favorites like Chop.

Dates: March 20 through December 18

Times: 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – March thru October
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – November & December

Location: The Saturday Market is located at Portland State University in the South Park Blocks between SW Hall & SW Montgomery.

Year Of The Tiger

The Seventh Son is having an art show tonight which will start around 7pm. Year Of The Tiger will include a wide variety of artists both local and international. Some of the industries  greatest guys will be there. Don’t miss it!



CONTACT: 415.551.7SON

Another Busy Day At Art Work Rebels.

Another busy day at the shop, a guest in town from LA and a warm day in Portland. Summer is right around the corner and today is a sign of the good things to come. Our good friend Dave from Spotlight Tattoo stopped by and NW 23rd Ave was a great place to be.

Escape From Ny Pizza NW 23rd Ave

Escape From New York Pizza on NW 23rd Ave is one of those places you love to have near by. Just a good old fashion slice of pizza at a good price. Escape From NY is located between Hoyt and Irving on NW 23rd Ave.

Another Great Place On NW 23rd Ave. (23 Hoyt)

This is a good restaurant with a a great happy hour located right across from Art Work Rebels on NW 23rd and Hoyt. A nice environment paired with a a friendly and surprisingly hip staff. It is absolutely good place to grab a bite on NW 23rd Ave.

Burger, fries and beer $8.

Another AWR Visitor!

Peanut and the guys from the band First Blood made a stop in Portland and swung by Art Work Rebels to say hi. Grabbed a quick photo of an older sleeve. Now nice and healed. (More photo’s of the arm coming soon) The guys played a show not to far from NW 23rd Ave.

Sleeve By Jason Kundell

A New Addition To The AWR Crew

White lightning is the latest and greatest addition to the team. Even an escape artist of the best kind needs a home and she has found a new one here among the rest of us.

Recently acquired and named by Lula Kundell. Age 3.