Jeff Croci: AWR’s Godfather

Jeff Croci is our brother from another mother who works at our beloved sister shop in San Francisco, Seventh Son Tattoo. We love Jeff for a number of reasons. He is smart, sensible, an amazing cook, a kick ass bodysurfer, will roll you in jiu-jitsu, and let’s face it, he slays the tattoo game. Jeff was also the mastermind behind the Go Fund Me to rebuild Art Work Rebels, so we will just refer to him as our Godfather from here on out.

Jeff is known for making large scale biomechanical tattoos and is also clearly well equipped for making stunning Japanese, botanical, Realism, and black and grey tattoos. Jeff will be doing a guest spot at the NEW Art Work Rebels location on February 16-18! Although Jeff is fully booked, please stop by to meet this true gentleman, and check out our new digs.

Jason and co. have been working nonstop to create a warm, welcoming, aesthetically amazing shop for you. Come say hi!