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The boss is taking over the blog!

Hey everyone.  Sorry that it’s been a while.  I’ll be taking over here permanently and have set myself the goal of posting more frequently- be sure to keep your eyes peeled!  Also, keep an eye out for never-before-seen photos of new projects I’m working on that I will be regularly posting here exclusively.

So, what can I tell you about?  On a business level, the new shop has really come together, and I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to rebuilding and making this space feel like home.  In other news, we’ve added two new artists to our crew, Jessica McDermott and Cecelia Wingate, and they have been a welcome addition to the team.  We will be updating everyone’s portfolios on the website this holiday season, so stay tuned.

On a personal level, me and my family are doing well.  Baby Bernie is proving to be a most excellent eater (Japanese fishcake, spicy Szechuan eggplant, and all sorts of other exotic foods) with a healthy appetite, and has shown great potential for being a real sweetheart.



Now that summer’s over I’ve got some new pieces that I’m starting and I’ve also got some sneak peeks of finished projects for you.


Till next time, take care.

Babies of AWR

The tattoo shop has been lucky enough to get visits from a few special shop babies this month.

Our first baby to visit the new shop was Bernadette.  Daddy Jason Kundell claims that what baby Bernie lacks in sleep, she makes up for in charm.  Bernie is tough as nails and only cries when someone insults her fashion sense.  By bedtime each night, Bernadette typically ends up with fistfuls of hair from some of her favorite people.  It’s tough to say “no” to such a cute baby.

The next baby to visit the shop was baby Ross.  He patiently ate fruit snacks while getting tattooed.  Ross only cried when he thought the tattoo was complete, only to find out that Jason had simply transferred the stencil.  Ross went home to take a nap, but not before Jason rocked him and sang a sweet lullaby.

Our last baby to visit the shop was little Josiah.  He made sure everyone noticed his new “big boy pants” as soon as he arrived.  Little Josiah seemed pretty tough at first, but as soon as Jason bumped the table and spilled the baby’s sippy cup, he threw a tantrum.

Not all babies are made equally cute or good-tempered, but they all have value at AWR

Our Friends the UnTattoo Parlor

Josiah here. It has been a while since I did a post and to be honest it has not been easy. After the shop blew up last fall I have found it to be very difficult to get back into a new routine.

The generosity and support people showed us over these last months has been incredible. It will take a very long time for us to express the gratitude felt towards everyone who helped us and i will apologize now for the delay.

That being said I’d like to take the time to both thank and plug our friends Garrett and Jenni along with the entire staff at the UnTattoo Parlor here in Portland. I have had nearly 1/2 of my body suit lightened or removed over the last 5 years and have gone to just about every facility in the Portland area. The results and experiences have been from bad to mediocre and nothing has been worth mentioning to say the least.

All of that changed a few years ago when Garret and Jenni came by the old shop to introduce themselves and to let us know about the new tattoo removal clinic they were opening. They offered to give any of us a treatment to show us how great their equipment was and from that day on my perception of tattoo removal was forever changed. The space is conveniently located at 1306 NW Hoyt St. #205 in Portland’s historic Pearl District and is easily accessible from anywhere in the metro area.

The environment in which they operate is unmatched and the friendliness, knowledge and professional demeanor immediately made me aware that they were doing something different and worth checking out. Garrett being a highly educated surgeon is definitely a game changer for the tattoo removal scene along with the fact that local anesthetic is offered makes a huge difference in  the quality of outcome.  He has personally trained his entire staff to ensure that the best possible results can be achieved.

Not only do they offer tattoo removal, but you can also get your past “bod mod” and stretched piercings returned to their normal states because who wants cat buttholes for earlobes?

Getting a tattoo is a big deal and can require a little work and research to make sure that the experience is great along with the quality of the outcome meeting or exceeding expectations. Having a tattoo lightened for a cover up or removed completely requires a similar process. I/we here at ArtWork Rebels can’t recommend the Untattoo Parlor enough and do so based on on own personal experiences along with those we have referred over the years. Please check them out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Go to or call them at (503) 893-0102




Spring is in the air

It has been an incredibly busy few months, getting the new shop up and running.  We hustled in order to get the doors open by February 1st, and there remain a few small construction and painting projects to complete.  I’m proud to say that the shop is off to a great start and is only going to get better.

The highlight of the past 2 months has been seeing some of our favorite clients again.  So many familiar faces have stopped in to wish us well and admire our new space.   We’ve already hosted a number of our favorite guest artists, as well as a few new ones.

The best part of the new shop is working with the whole crew again.  It’s been nice for all of us to be back, hard at work under the same roof again.

It has been a very busy few months for me, as I have revisited many in-progress pieces and taken on exciting new projects.

Here are some butts for your viewing pleasure.




Greeting and Salutations!

Hey y’all.  Hope the New Year has been treating you guys well.

Our first month in the new shop has been great.  We’ve had lots of friends coming through and guesting with us, which has made the transition into the new space sweet.  Our guest list has been extensive, including the talents of Jeff Croci (Seventh Son Tattoo), Shawn Barber (Memoir Tattoo), Sean Perkinson and Carolyn LeBourgeois (FTW Tattoo Parlor), Mark Galloway (Windhorse Tattoo), Chelsea Rhea (Amulet Tattoos) and J.J. Dunbar (H.B. Tattoo).  These guys have graced the walls of the new shop with some great art, at the center of which is a seriously beautiful painting of the old shop by Shawn Barber– thank you again Shawn, we couldn’t love it more.  Here are some images of the pieces our guests worked during their time at AWR:

Monster sleeve by Jeff Croci

Namakubi by Sean P

Radish by Carolyn LeBourgeois

Lady face by Chelsea Rhea

We’ve got plenty more talent lined up for coming months, so keep an eye out for updates.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been trying our hand at writing haikus for you guys.  With that I’ll leave you with this sweet sentiment written by bossman, Jason Kundell:

Our talented guests

Three states, seven tattooers

Good times and great friends


Hope to see you all soon.

There goes the neighborhood…

shopAs most Portlanders have heard, there was a large explosion in Northwest Portland this morning. The explosion, caused by a natural gas leak, destroyed the lovely 110 year old building Art Work Rebels occupied. Everyone from the shop is safe and healthy, and all of the guys still plan on keeping their appointments. We are already in the process of finding a new home for Art Work Rebels Tattoo and hope to be back up and running as soon as possible.

That said, while the shop is temporarily closed, our tattooers are still very much so open for business. We ask that if you had an appointment already scheduled — or would like to schedule an appointment — to please email us. Lastly, we would like to send our sincerest gratitude for all of the love and support we have received to both our amazing friends and clients. Our good friend Jeff Croci of Seventh Son Tattoo has set up a Go Fund Me for those that have expressed the desire to help out.





Untattoo Parlor has got you covered

That tattoo you got ten years ago. You know the one. Perhaps it’s that galactic fairy? The well intended hanya mask which bares a striking resemblance to William Dafoe as the Green Goblin? Or maybe it’s the nuclear green mushroom cloud that looks a whole lot like a dick. Whatever your past tattoo indiscretions may be– we know some exceptional folks who have set a new standard for laser tattoo removal in Portland

The Untattoo Parlor‘s founders, Dr. Garrett Vangelisti and Jennifer Mkel, are as good as they come. They’re true professionals who just so happen to be the nicest damn people you’ll ever meet. Oh, and did you catch Garrett’s title? Yes, he’s a real doctor. Unlike some of the other places around Portland offering laser tattoo removal, The Untattoo Parlor has real deal medical professionals at the helm– not just “certified laser technicians”.  Just one of the many reasons to give them a visit.

We’ve been sending our friends and clients in need of tattoo lightening or removal to Garrett and Jenni for more than a year now. A few of us have even gone and seen them ourselves (because even tattooers get crappy tattoos from time to time). Wielding a Cutera Enlighten laser, which has been shown to lighten tattoos in half the time of older technology,  The Untattoo Parlor has demonstrated incredible results in less time. But does it hurt? Not at the Untattoo Parlor. As medical professionals, Garrett and company are able to offer local anesthetic for a pain-free procedure. Want your next coverup to look less like a coverup? Stop by the shop and chat with us before you go see the Untattoo Parlor,  and we’ll be able to let them know which areas to focus on lightening up.

Take a look at what the Untattoo Parlor can do, and then give them a call to chat about making that stupid belly rocker nothing more than distant memory.

Only one treatment Two treatments on the lettering only Four treatments and gone Only two treatments Before and after

After two treatments

After two treatments

After one treatment



One More Round…

Here is a a detail shot of Josiah Laughlin’s newest Japanese tattoo study. He has several new paintings that going up here at Art Work Rebels Tattoo which are ready to be tattooed.  Swing by the shop and check them out!

Fundraiser October 18th!

On October 18th, we will be hosting a charity tattoo event for our friend, Ricky Fernandez and his family. Ricky’s daughter Danielle is currently fighting for her life after being involved in a hit & run accident. All of the guys will be tattooing half priced flash and doing $50 names from 11am to 7pm. There will be a raffle with great gifts from local vendors including Dojo Outfitters and Bridge City Fight Shop. There is a $5 door donation that includes food and beverage. All ages welcome! 100% of all proceeds will go to Ricky and his family to help with all expenses that have occurred due to the accident.

If you can not make it but are still wanting to help please donate at

Jason Does Warhorse

Jason just made a real quick trip down to the Bay Area and spent a few days at the handsome George Campise’s Warhorse Tattoo in Berkeley. Appointments down there always fill up quick with in-progress work on dedicated clients who often make trips up here to fill the void. On this last trip Jason had the pleasure of tattooing a few of his clients he’s been tattooing for most of his career. Phong, Annalynn and Doug have all been getting tattooed by Jason for well over a decade (some for almost two decades) and, since his relocation to Portland, have been exceptional at continuing to be great clients. Here’s a look at some finished work on each of them along with most recent in-progress work. Enjoy!

Doug's rib panel completed way back when.

Doug’s rib panel completed way back when.

Doug's back piece in progress

Doug’s back piece in progress

Annalynn's lion dog completed a few years ago

Annalynn’s lion dog completed a few years ago

Annalynn is now completing both her sleeves

Annalynn is now completing both her sleeves

Phong's legs completed last year

Phong’s legs completed last year

Phong completed a bodysuit before moving his sleeves down to the wrist

Phong completed a bodysuit before moving his sleeves down to the wrist