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Continuum Supper Club

Our friend and client, Donnie Vizzini is an amazing chef and with his friend and fellow chef, Chase Williams has created the Continuum Supper Club. Jeff and Ross along with their wives were invited to the inaugural meal on May 31st.

What followed was six courses of some of the most inventive and delicious food the guys have ever had. 

Donnie and Chase.

Jeff speaking with Donnie.

The first course.

Chase, Ross, Donnie and Jeff after the meal.

Thanks Donnie and Chase for a wonderful meal! If you’re interested in trying their food, you can visit their website Continuum Supper Club.
Take our word for it, it’s worth it!

Spring fever!

Jason Kundell took a moment to enjoy the sunshine, smell the fresh spring air… & share a few in-progress tattoos 




Snack time at the shop

In our ever, ongoing search for the perfect snack to distract us from actually getting our work done, here is another odd combination which follows Gordon’s theory stating any two things which are amazing alone, should be amazing together. Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels and Dijon mustard. Dip each one about halfway in…just the tip. Sounds weird but it works. 

Paper Bag Pizza

Ross, Gordon and Jeff P. all had a day off last week and decided to check in with our old buddy, and Chop Butchery alum, Tommy and his wife Emily. They opened up a wood-fired pizza cart in the Tidbit Cart Pod on SE Division.  Pizza seems to be blowing up in Portland lately, this is some of the best. Local, seasonal ingredients on perfectly charred crust.  Pancetta cured by Tommy himself. 

Tommy and Ross act natural while pizzas cook.

Get some now before the line is around the block. 

Paper Bag Pizza

2880 SE Division St

Portland, OR 97202

A race to the bottom. 

Hey there blog readers and tattoo enthusiasts!

It’s a beautiful day in Portland and the weekend is almost here for a lot of hard working people. It’s also Friday the 13th! A great movie franchise from the ’80s and now a tattoo holiday in the eyes of many. 

Years ago someone decided that making small $13 tattoos with a $7 “lucky” tip was the thing to do. Ever since then, the idea has spread like a wildfire, reaching all over the world. You’ll see lots of shops advertising giant Friday the 13th parties and specials.

We however do not participate and here is why. 

1. Tattooing people just so you can lose money in the process. This is simply bad economics and no other business would follow this model. The average cost of a tattoo setup is around $20, so at the bare minimum it’s a wash. This doesn’t include paying counter help, electricity, or the costs of running a small business. 

2. We’re a small business, not a giant company. Sales and discounts can be applied to mass produced products bought in bulk. Tattooing doesn’t fit that category at all. 

3. You attract customers who solely get tattooed when there is a deal and not repeat or loyal clientele. 

4. It cheapens what we do as craftsman. 

On a lighter note, please enjoy this photo the internet so graciously gave us. 

Summer Guest artists abound

Dearest Portland, here is a list of guest artists coming this summer that we are super excited about!  

May 15th – 17th 

AJ Maloney from Austin, Texas 


June 5th & 6th

Carolyn LeBourgeios from Oakland, CA

June 8th – 10th

Jessica McDermott from Santa Cruz, CA

July 5th – 8th

The legend, Heinz from Rome!  

Early July

Julian Zeff from Studio City, CA

July 10th and 11th

Sandi Calistro from Denver, CO

July 30th and 31st

Sophie C’est La Vie from New York City

Contact the shop for more info on getting tattooed by any of these amazing artists 503.477.6190. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more guest artists!

Harvest Brunch

Josiah and his beautiful wife Sesha managed enough time in their busy schedules to get some brunch last week. They chose one of their favorite vegan restaurants Harvest at the Bindery. This restaurant will please anyone with any appetite. Made with locally sourced food items and skillfully prepared it’s hard to leave unsatisfied. Whether local or visiting from out of town it’s worth checking out. 

California Dreamin’

Ross and our shop guy Dylan escaped to Southern California this last weekend for some work and relaxation. The great dudes over at Torch Tattoo in Anaheim were kind enough to host the guys for a few days and show them a great time. 

First things first, the boys took in game 5 of the Ducks vs Predators at the Honda Center. Picture below is Dylan looking less than thrilled along with Ross, Matt Cannon and Gus Jaimes. Matt and Gus are born and bred Ducks fans. 

After the sheer ass beating that was the 5-2 victory for the Ducks, the boys headed back to the shop for some work and more hockey talk. After work, the boys took in some of California’s finest cuisine…

The holy grail of self hatred. 

The following day was business as usual at the shop, and Ross was asked to tattoo the insanely talented and equally nice, Kyle Crowell. 

Panther blast over for Kyle. 

The next day, the dudes did what all 30 year old men do. They went to Disneyland and caused a ruckus. 

Ross and Dylan made friends with a storm trooper. 

We also learned that Dylan is terrified of rollercoasters and anything involving a sudden drop. Pictured below is Dylan hating the Tower of Terror; Ross clearly loved it. 

This picture sums up the time the boys had down South. Great adventures with great friends and tattooers. 

Thanks to all the guys at Torch for such a great trip! If you’re in Southern California, be sure to check them out. 

I can’t believe it’s not…

Fabio heard that Jason Kundell was in town for a visit, dining at a favorite L.A. hotspot early last week. After finally working up the nerve to approach Jason for a photograph & pectoral autograph, the two handsome men became fast friends. According to an observer, the two “seemed like they were friends. Best friends forever, even”.

Aside from Fabio, Jason also spread his sunshiney disposition & old-fashioned good looks among his friends at Unbreakable Tattoo in Studio City, CA.  

Above tattoos by Sung Song

 Above tattoos by Julian Zeff

Tattoo by Dave Robinson 

East meets (Pacific N.) West!

  Jason Kundell (& family!) reunited with Joey Armstrong (& family!) during the Armstrongs’ brief but fruitful visit to Portland. Joey & Shelley were able to step away from their new shop “Thunderhand Tattoo” (located in the Tri-City area of Washington State).

Both families awoke early & joined forces in conquering numerous dim sum dishes at Portland’s famed HK Cafe.

Despite both Joey & Jason’s filthy eating habits, they avoided the typical offer from staff to provide bibs (at no extra charge). Most notably though, none of the Armstrong or Kundell children received chopstick injuries (to eyes, nose or otherwise) during this hour-long feast.

Fun was had & (as far as we know) we are welcome back to the HK Cafe again. 

   Tattoo by Joey Armstrong, Thunderhand Tattoo. 

 Tattoo by Jason Kundell, Art Work Rebels.