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Crazy from the heat

With our late scorching summer in full affect, the boss took some time to relish nature’s incredible bounty.

In addition to making sweet dragon tatties, Jason has been jarring artisanal pickles, foraging wild berries, circle jerking next to waterfalls, and betting the “farm” on the Clark County fair’s blue ribbon racing pig, “Pigasus”! 

Stay tuned to hear how Jason caps off this epic summer… What adventures could he still have in store?!?


August Guestmania

This summer is starting off strong with a few special guests…

Johnny Vampotna August 5th and 6th from Silver Lake, Californyee to contact @johnny_vampotna to instastalk

Chad Koeplinger Aug 16th and 17th

The legend and man of international mystery will be making a few dreams come true on his 50 states tour, however, he is all booked for this trip!  If you’d like to say hi or beg and plead for an appointment you can find him here:                           @chadkoeplinger

Greg Dyer and Onnie O’Leary                   Aug. 23rd and 24th

These couple of pervs can be contacted here:       @tacomonster @onnieolearytattoo

And last for August is the sweet angel of Kansas City himself, Mark Galloway!       August 26th – 28th. 

Contact him through his website at or @markgalloway

So if you love pancakes, ghosts, gorillas, scary skulls, vaginas, diamond shapes, hallucinatory puzzles of people and snakes, eyeballs, mandalas and geometry, you have no reason to miss out on these guests!  So don’t be a dumb dumb!  Contact one or all of them today!

Rose City

Ross had the opportunity to tattoo some of his favorite subject matter these last couple of weeks on some visitors from California. Seeing as they were visiting the Rose City, it seemed natural that they get roses!

Drawn on gap filler.

Drawn on.

Tattooed by Ross from Jeff P flash.

Ross can be reached at the shop or via email, for appointments!

Pastrami Zombie: Perfect Sandwich. 

I’ve been meaning to check out the Pastrami Zombie cart for a little while now, and yesterday I noticed it was parked in my hood next to Pollo Norte on NE 42nd. Took a walk over there with the wife, kid and dog today to order the pastrami. 

Melissa said she was catching up on a few orders and told us to grab a seat, she’d take our order as soon as she could.  A few minutes later she shouted from the truck “Mustard or Russian!?” “Russian!” Order placed. 

Smokey, juicy house-made brisket topped with swiss cheese, wet cole slaw and house-made Russian dressing on soft rye bread. Perfect sandwich.

I’m going back tomorrow.   

-Jeff P. 

Summer in P town

One of our favorite things about living in the northwest is our opportunity to spend the beautiful Summer days in the surrounding wilderness. I was happy to take a weekend to camp with the family and introduce our baby girl Elliott to the great outdoors. If you have a chance to follow the Clackamas river east out of Portland and up into Mt Hood National forest you will not be disappointed. The area is filled with beautiful campgrounds, hiking, fishing, and waterfalls. Here are are few pictures from the area around Fish Creek Campground. 

What I learned at San Francisco camp

Josiah Laughlin has been going regularly to SF for a few years now. Its become a 2nd home in the sense that he basically takes his Portland routine to the bay. Here are a few of the places Josiah enjoys on his travels.

The SF family and favorite shop in San Francisco. A true powerhouse of versatility with a great line up of guests coming through regularly. 

If it’s a good fight with the nicest group of people around Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu is the place to be. Head coach Kurt Osiander can be found there 6 days a week making his team into the monsters they are.

Devorah Sacks has been practicing and teaching Mysore style yoga for over 20 years. She has a gentle yet fierce approach to the practice and has always been warm and inviting when practicing with her group.

As with any city there’s always a local food favorite. San Francisco burritos are a must and Little Chihuahua does them right.

SO much happening…

With the change of the weather, Jason Kundell took every opportunity to get out & enjoy the fresh NW air.

During the past few weeks, Jason enjoyed a Father’s Day river cruise, a family bike ride through Pride Fest& a family camping trip near Mt. Hood. 


Above all, Jason relished the opportunity to tattoo Tom (who donned a bright banana hammock). What a wonderful start to the summer!


All we do is eat. 

If you’re a fan of barbecue, we suggest you take a trip off the beaten path and come to NW. Tucked between a paint warehouse and crossfit gym is a food cart called Botto Barbecue. 

The menu changes daily and offers all the classics: brisket, pulled pork, ribs and housemade sausage. All of these can be paired with some tasty side dishes. 

Get there early and come hungry! You won’t be disappointed. 

Botto Barbecue

2204 NW Roosevelt St

Portland, OR 97210

Instagram: @bottobbq

Sleepless in Seattle 

Josiah Laughlin was in Seattle for the weekend working with the talented and virile crew at Liberty Tattoo. They a real deal street shop and there’s never a dull moment working there. 

After coming to Seattle for the last few years to work Josiah has also found some great spots to pursue his other interests including Jiu Jitsu and Mysore Yoga. 

Larry King owner/head coach at Praxis Jiu Jitsu is a great teacher and is always welcoming when Josiah comes to visit and train. If you’re in the Seattle area definitely come by and hit the mats and test your guard against some great pressure passing. 

Troy Lucero is the owner/teacher of The Acme Yoga Project. He offers both Mysore styled as wells as vinyasa classes. He has a unique and refreshing approach to the Ashtanga practice and it’s always fun to switch thing up a bit. His Saturday morning lead class is no joke so come prepared to sweat. 

Finally the must have for at least one meal is Annapurna. Northern Indian and Nepali dishes are sublime and with meat/veggie/vegan options it’s easy for everyone to enjoy. Spinach momos are a must. 

“You see that guy’s balls?” “Yeah. They were weird-looking.”

Terrible people.

The other week, after visiting Tommy and Emily at Paper Bag Pizza, the dudes rambled down the street to visit our good friends at Oddball Tattoo. With all of our long days and tricky schedules it can be difficult to meet up with other tattooers in our own town, so it’s always a good time when we can make it happen and trade war stories and tips on the new tasty food spots.