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Leblon, Rio

I just got back from a trip to Brazil. Juliet is a year old now and we wanted her to meet Paulo’s friends and family there. 

First we went to São Paulo to see family. Then we hopped over to Rio de Janeiro for a few sunny days on the beach before heading back to the States for a couple days in NYC. 

More traveling than I’d recommend with a 1 yr-old who won’t sit still on a plane, but we made it and had a great time. 

Jardim Botanico, Rio

Now, I’m back at AWR taking appointments and walk-ins Mon-Wed.

Email to get in: 

Hope to see you soon!

-Jeff P. 

Jeff Croci: AWR’s Godfather

Jeff Croci is our brother from another mother who works at our beloved sister shop in San Francisco, Seventh Son Tattoo. We love Jeff for a number of reasons. He is smart, sensible, an amazing cook, a kick ass bodysurfer, will roll you in jiu-jitsu, and let’s face it, he slays the tattoo game. Jeff was also the mastermind behind the Go Fund Me to rebuild Art Work Rebels, so we will just refer to him as our Godfather from here on out.

Jeff is known for making large scale biomechanical tattoos and is also clearly well equipped for making stunning Japanese, botanical, Realism, and black and grey tattoos. Jeff will be doing a guest spot at the NEW Art Work Rebels location on February 16-18! Although Jeff is fully booked, please stop by to meet this true gentleman, and check out our new digs.

Jason and co. have been working nonstop to create a warm, welcoming, aesthetically amazing shop for you. Come say hi!


Lucky S.O.B. 

It’s certainly been a crazy couple of months since our shop exploded all over NW 23rd. There’s been a lot to process: putting things in perspective, grieving material and emotional losses, letting go, being thankful for the lack of injuries, dealing with the weight of “what ifs” and what could have been, being overwhelmed by the support of our community, being away from our tattoo home and family, and finally, finding a way to move on. 

It’s hard to explain the way your emotions sway from day-to-day as you go from pitying yourself, to realizing how lucky you are. It’s been amazing to get to work at different shops with so many amazing tattooers around the Portland. I never felt any less than completely welcome everywhere I found myself-Atlas, Oddball, Historic and Blacklist. And all of my clients new and old who came out and met me wherever I was to get great tattoos and help keep me making a living. 

I continue to be astounded by the vision, drive, and relentlessness of Art Work Rebels owner and our big boss man Jason Kundell who has tirelessly worked to find and build us a new home starting from that unbelievable day one.

And now the new shop is approaching completion. I’m so excited to make the new place home and be there with Joe and Ross and Josiah and Gordon and Jason and Jenn and Chaise and Dylan. I got a tour of the new space-in-progress and I really think it’s going to blow people’s minds when they walk in the front door. 

I hope to see you there soon. 

And, Thank You. 

-Jeff P. 

Happy New Year!

We are excited to announce our new location, opening soon… 

528 SW 3rd Ave. (between SW Washington & SW Alder)

While we are in the midst of construction, we are discovering many culinary wonders within a stone’s throw of the new spot. 

We are busy adding new tattoo photos on our website (see “artists”) as well as weekly construction updates on our blog.

 Dragon by Jason 

Skull and dragon by Jason 

Making Mojo

There is a sickness with social media, where people want to post the worst possible things and try and relate it to themselves. It turns into this giant pit of sadness and in my opinion isn’t what this platform is about. Instead, I’d like to share something positive about people I know and how great they have been to me and others around them. 
In October when the shop blew up, it was and still is the absolute craziest thing to have ever happened to me. The sense of dread and terror that took hold that day didn’t feel like it was ever going to let go. Then Jeff Croci started a go fund me for myself and my coworkers. I saw all the positive comments and words of encouragement from everyone and it left me speechless. 
A week after the explosion, I was still without a lot of equipment. Tools I had been collecting and using for twelve years were gone. I am not superstitious nor do I believe in a higher power, but there is tattoo mojo. My machines had some fucking mojo. They had been with me all over the world and tuned perfectly for me and everyday I would think, “I can lose everything except these, and be okay.” Then reality hit and I lost everything. I bought a machine a couple of days after the explosion just so I could say I owned something related to my job title, tattooer. However, it takes time to build mojo and make a machine feel like it’s yours. 
I got a message from my friend Adam Craven that he had machines for me. I met him over at Atlas Tattoo and he gave me two machines, one of which was a machine I used to own that he got off the guy I sold it to. He completely rebuilt it and gave it back to me. I was floored. Then the real magic happened and he gave me one of his personal machines. A machine he’s been using for a year. A machine that he’d been tweaking and tuning and bestowing some great mojo onto. He told me all the little details of the machine, that it’s a hand cut side plate of his very own prototype and that the spring stock is 40 years old. By far the best and most meaningful good luck charm on this Cadillac of machines was a rear binding post. It had come off of Ross Ferrie’s Color King. A machine that had a good twenty plus years of use. It’s mangled from the clip cord, and it looks amazing. Ross Ferrie is very much a tattoo father figure to me and to own a machine that has a piece of one of his machines on it, built by another great peer of mine, Adam, is pretty much the greatest thing in the world. That machine is dripping with mojo and you can feel it. 
Tattooing is a great thing. If it weren’t for tattooing I wouldn’t be where I am and that wouldn’t be very great. Happy New Year!


What mojo looks like.

Some old and some new

While the new shop is under construction I’ve had a chance to go through some old photos and found this collar tattoo from a few years back. The octopus is a new one I was happy to do at my guest spot at Albatross Tattoo. 

Joe Larralde

Jeff P. is in ALL WEEK

A couple of he guys will be at the Bay Area Convention this week, so Jeff P. is covering shifts. He’ll be in the shop Mon-Fri 11am-8pm this week. Come check out his secret stash of tattoo flash, and pick something good!

7 Days A Week

Jeff P. is available every day of the week to tattoo you. Just shoot him an email at to set it up. 

He is still available for Walk-Ins Monday through Wednesday. 

He’s got over 100 sheets of hand-painted designs ready for you!

See you soon!

Mi culo esta fuego!!!

On a recent food expedition, Jason sought the most delicious green chili in the contenental US. His voyage landed him first in Denver, Colorado & then Santa Fe, New Mexico (with a brief explosive diarrhea stop in Pueblo, Colorado). 

Jason stopped at some cool old western towns along the way. A few towns hadn’t been touched in over 400 years (that is, until Jason decimated their antiquated plumbing systems during an emergency pit-stop or two). 

  At one point in his trip, Jason ducked into a local phone booth while Derek Everlong met up with his old buddy Fuse. These two derelicts spent hours talking about dicks & farts, while eventually painting a wall. 


The Sundance

Last November Donald Vizzini embarked on a journey with Ross to make his version of the iconic Bert Grimm sundance. In less than ten sittings and ten months, they finished. Here’s some in progress and the finished tattoo at the bottom. 

First draft.

First session.

A few sessions in.

Getting closer.


Thank you Donnie, for your dedication and perseverance through this project. You’re a tough son of a gun. 

For those interested in amazing food, Donnie works at The Painted Lady restaurant and co-owns the Continnum Supper Club, a fine dining tasting menu pop up at an unbeatable price. 

For larger work, please call the shop or email Ross directly at