Guest Artists

Some of our friends that we have hosted in the past and expect to host again in the future:

Chris Astrologo of Captured Tattoo
Dave Ball  of Red Rocket Tattoo
Shawn BarberHenry Lewis, and Brendan Rowe  of Memoir Tattoo
George Campise and Taco Monster of Warhorse Tattoo
Sandi Calistro and Dave Robinson of Ritual Tattoo
Sophie C’est la Vie of Saved Tattoo
Jeff Croci of Seventh Son Tattoo
JJ Dunbar  of HB Tattoo
Mark Galloway of Windhorse Tattoo
Heinz of Psycho Tattoo Studio
Nate Hudak of Crying Heart Tattoo
Mat Hurtado of Black Anchor Collective
Carolyn LeBourgeois and Sean Perkins of FTW Tattoo
Lango Oliveira of Black Heart Tattoo
Eddie Ramirez of Chalice Tattoo
Chelsea Rhea of Amulet Tattoo
Drake Sheehan of Port City Tattoo
Takashi of Behind the Circle
Trevor Taylor of Liberty Tattoo Seattle
Jason Vogt of SuperGenius Tattoo
Ian Wahnschaff of Boroa Tattoo Studio
Torie Wartooth of Dark Age Tattoo
Julian Zeff  of Oak & Poppy Tattoo